Riddell Uniform Wash & Care Instructions

Madison Jr. Football Game Uniform Details

Helpful Hints...

Some helpful hints and "how to" guidelines for preparation and maintenance of your child and his football equipment.
  • Please wash out the inside of the helmet after every practice. Some warm soapy water should do. This will keep down the possibility of a cold or some kind of skin rash.
  • If your child is having trouble getting his helmet on, use a small amount of vaseline (glaze) on the jaw (ear) pads. This could help slide the helmet on. Use hot water to massage the forehead pad to help loosen up the cushion. Please be patient with the process of getting used to the helmet. This is the hardest part of all equipment for your child to get used to.
  • Whenever possible, have your child put on and take off his helmet as directed at fitting. The helmet will mold to your child's head. Thefore, the more he wears it, the more comfortable it will become. *(i.e. have him put on his helmet while watching his favorite show or cartoon. 1/2 hour here, 1/2 hour there and a routine and knowledge of the helmet will have him feeling comfortable and confident with the helmet.
* This is just to help make the adjustment to the helmet more tolerable before the season.
  • Please try to wash the practice uniform at least once a week.
  • Please spray shoulder pad undercarriage with Lysol at least once a week.
  • All equipment fitted should be "spandex" snug, but not "cut off your circulation" tight.
  • Wear a t-shirt under the shoulder pads to provide comfort and absorb perspiration.
  • Tuck t-shirt into girdle to provide comfort from elastic wasteband.
  • Pull girdle up as far as they can go. Hip pads are for kidney and spleen protection too.
  • Wear jock and cup over girdle to provide comfort from elastic wasteband on jock and cup.
  • Pull football pants up as far as they go. Also, no slack in groin.
  • Tuck practice/game jersey into pants. Try not to "bunch up" jersey. Bunching will cause discomfort and may cause pant to become to tight.
  • Do not cut strap off of mouthpiece!!! Mold as per directed on bag. Attach to lowest part of facemask possible. No participation in practice or game will be allowed without it. This protects the player from losing the mouthpiece, losing teeth, and getting a concussion.
  • If you purchase new cleats, make sure they have a molded rubber sole. Try to have him wear them in before the season starts to prevent discomfort and blisters.
  • Once shoulder pads are fit to snug, tape position of straps with white athletic tape to ensure position of clips.
  • Please - Please - Please - If any equipment is faulty or lost, please do not wait until game night / day to bring it to your coache's attention. Tell a coach as soon as possible. Check equipment after each practice so your child can be appropriately suited to participate at any time.
  • Under no circumstances shall the equipment from Madison Jr. Football be altered, cut, or changed in any way without authorization. Safety is always first and altering equipment could decrease protection.