Madison Junior Football was founded in 1962 by long time Jr. Football Coaches Tony Ariano, Lou Romano and High School Coach Ted Monica, along with help from Madison Football enthusiast Al Chiarlanzio (Alfred’s Sport Shop).  Coach Monica was the Madison High School Football coach from 1955 until 1980. 

Coach Monica and Madison Football Boosters decided that in order to give Madison a successful High School program, teaching and learning of the game had to start at a younger age.  Coach Ariano and Coach Romano started a single intra squad team which due to it’s success, turned into a four team, 20 coach program shortly after. 

Madison Junior Football’s  mission was simple, promote the game of football to our youth in Madison in a positive and constructive manner.

The success of the Madison Junior Football  helped propel the High School program to one of the most recognized teams in New Jersey through its teaching of discipline, commitment, and proper technique toward a common philosophy. Madison Junior Football always had pride in sending knowledgeable, tough and enthusiastic football players to the high school program.  This proud tradition continues today and is expanding in size due to the solid character of the volunteers, parents and players involved.  We have grown into a six team program with approximately 36 coaches. 

As we try to keep up with the growing demands to be competitive and successful, we’re always learning new ways to keep the teachings fresh - and most importantly - FUN!!